[SISTER TRUTH] Leap of Faith

It’s been a over year since I quit my full-time job.

Leap of FaithI hated where I worked. I had just graduated from college, was unemployed for 6 months, and had finally landed a decent paying job that allowed me to pay rent and bills and student loans. But I hated it.

I went home emotionally drained every evening. I woke wanting to cry or play sick every morning. And I went into the office with knots in my stomach from the dread and anxiety of working in a high pressure, mechanical work environment for 10 hours every weekday.

So, after a year of smiling on the outside while dying on the inside, I up and left–right on the verge of a promotion. Not only did I leave the job, I left my apartment, my friends, and my city, and moved back to my hometown to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Continue reading

[SISTER TRUTH] Be Not Afraid

Nobody can predict the future.

This time last year, I was living with my mom, bartending half the week and spending the other half in Barnes and Noble applying to news and magazine jobs and writing for my blog just trying to make a living.

This time last year, my car had broken down, I was barely making any money, I had no idea how I was ever going to get out of Hampton and start the career I wanted.black-woman-looking-up

This time last year, I could never have predicted everything that would happen in the next 365 days. I took some chances and opportunities and ended up in D.C., Las Vegas, New Orleans and now, New York City. I never knew whether each place would bring me to the people I wanted to meet or guarantee me the job I wanted but I took the chance. I stepped into the darkness and ended up in a better, brighter place. Continue reading

How Does One Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day?

martin-luther-lingHow exactly are you supposed to celebrate Martin Luther King Day?

Nine years ago, I went to a ratchet, all-night pajama party in a warehouse (For the record, I had a damn good time).

Two years ago, I sat at my desk at my sales job looking mean looking because I didn’t get to sleep in that day.

Last year, I went to the gym with my mom because we both had the day off, and why not?

This year, I did what everyone else seemed to be doing and went to see Selma.

Turns out, that was the right thing for me to do because I learned something. I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know about Dr. King or Bloody Sunday or the SCLC. I learned something new about myself. I learned that I want to leave a legacy of my own one day. Continue reading

[CONVERSATIONS] Andrea Lewis on Internet Fame, Failure, and Black Actress

Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis


May I present Andrea Lewis: actress, writer, singer, overall boss. Some of you may know her from her adorable role on Disney Channel’s Cadet Kelly or from her role as Drake’s girlfriend on Degrassi. But Andrea is all grown up and is the creator and star her own show in conjunction with Issa Rae: Black Actress, a Youtube series exploring the struggles of being Black, female and trying to make it in Hollywood.

Andrea knows first hand how hard it is to be taken seriously a sa young, Black, creative woman. She kindly agreed to meet with me on a cold day in NYC to share her wealth of knowledge about working hard, overcoming obstacles, and taking it one day at a time. Continue reading

This Week In Feminism

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope the men and women in your life are equally sharing the responsibility of cooking and cleaning on this tasty holiday. Once you’re done with that, enjoy this weeks round up of feminist news and culture.

U. VA Takes Back The Night
In a bold step to end rape culture on campus, the University of VA has suspended all fraternity and sorority life after a student wrote a graphic letter about how she was gang raped in a frat house that was published in Rolling Stone magazine. In the heart wrenching article, the student shares that she taken to a party as a freshman where she was lured into a room where no less than seven men took turns raping her over the course of three hours while her date stood by and encouraged them. If you’re not already disgusted, you should know that this is not a isolated incident. According to the Chicago Tribue, 1 in 5 women experience attempted or completed rape during their college career. Personally, I don’t think suspending Greek life at universities is going to solve the issue of power, ego, and drugs that lead to sexual assault. It’s a reminder that rape and violence have no easy fixes.

Lincoln University President Resigns
While we’re on the subject of university rape culture, it’s important that you know that President Robert Jennings resigned. You may remember President Jennings as the man who spoke at an all-women’s convocation on campus and implied that female students lie about being sexually assaulted “when things didn’t turn out the way they wanted.” Again, there a no easy fixes to rape culture, but telling women to feel guilty about reporting sexual assault and to think about they boys whose “lives get ruined” isn’t one of them.

Ms. Lauryn Hill

Ms. Lauryn Hill

Black Lives Matter
Unless you’ve been living under a rock called “Color blindness,” you know that on Monday it was announced that the Ferguson grand jury would not indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed Black teen, Michael Brown. Although this is not a strictly feminist issue, it is a human rights issue that affects us all, as people of color are disproportionately killed and arrested by law enforcement. And all of us are responsibly for fighting for the humanity and respect for all people. S/O to the celebs like Solange Knowles and Lauryn Hill who boldly spoke up and acted out in solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

Check out Lauryn Hill’s remix the holiday song “My Favorite Things” into a commentary of race relations in America and the resulting Black Rage.