[SISTER TRUTH] Leap of Faith

It’s been a over year since I quit my full-time job.

Leap of FaithI hated where I worked. I had just graduated from college, was unemployed for 6 months, and had finally landed a decent paying job that allowed me to pay rent and bills and student loans. But I hated it.

I went home emotionally drained every evening. I woke wanting to cry or play sick every morning. And I went into the office with knots in my stomach from the dread and anxiety of working in a high pressure, mechanical work environment for 10 hours every weekday.

So, after a year of smiling on the outside while dying on the inside, I up and left–right on the verge of a promotion. Not only did I leave the job, I left my apartment, my friends, and my city, and moved back to my hometown to pursue my dream of becoming a writer.

This was not an easy decision. It took a lot of prayer, saving, and most importantly, it took a lot of faith.

A lot of things in life require that we step out on faith. But that step is not always a simple one. Sometimes that small leap of faith can seem like a giant leap off of a cliff. And in the back of your mind, you know there’s a good chance that you won’t survive the fall.

But being a believer means not only believing in Christ, but also believing in yourself as an anointed child of God. The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. If we believe God’s word, we should live in a state of expectancy of all of the good opportunities God is going to bring our way if we have the faith to receive them. And we should be prepared when things don’t always turn out as we may have expected.

In the last year, I’ve experienced some ups and downs. I’ve done work for Sister2Sister Magazine and ESSENCE Magazine, I’ve traveled to DC, New Orleans, New York, and Las Vegas, I’ve lost my car, I’ve gotten rejected from jobs, I’ve lost some weight, I’ve gained some weight, I’ve been hospitalized, and I’ve met some amazing people with some amazing stories. I couldn’t have predicted all of the great and crazy things God would bring into my life and I would never have experienced any of His blessings if I didn’t trust Him and trust myself and take a leap of faith.

Nothing is a sure thing. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take risks. Consult God in your decisions and trust that He will never bring you to a place in life that He can’t prepare you for. Have faith.

Be #Unapologetically Faithful.

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