Site Analysis pt 5

Advertising and Conclusion

Advertising on is actually very limited. They don’t seem to want anything getting in the way of their readers getting their dose of news. usually limits it to one advertisement per page. Although the ads are at the top of the page, ads aren’t obnoxious or annoying, just an added graphic to the site.

These ads however lead me to question the independence of the reporting. It could be possible that the ads that support could lead to a bias in reporting. Although there is no evidence of that it is a possibility. Perhaps that is what sets advertising on apart from ads on other news sites. maintains its intergrity in reporting and limits the advertisement space on its site.

In conclusion, I would say that brings its excellence in broadcast to the web. There is a good balance between video and text, plenty of photos, and lots of news to be found. Important information is easy to find on this site and can easily be shared. Although there is a little to be desired in the writing skills and dynamics of the graphics, I’d still recommend this site to be your go-to place for online news. Site visitors can be confident that is going to give quick accessible news in the easiest way.

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