Site Analysis pt. 4


The main purpose of a news website is to tell the news. I believe does a good job of maintaining a focus on good news and good delivery. covers all of its bases. They touch on all aspects of news from political to entertainment to health to the justice system. From the Navigational Tabs at the top of the pages, visitors can explore all things that CNN covers and get a well-rounded grasp for the news.

However, CNN is by nature a broadcast company. That being said, print writing is not their strong point. They right their stories out in the way that they broadcast it, for the ear. This style of writing is not always the easiest to follow especially without an accompanying video. However, does have strong headlines making certain stories easily searchable on the web.

Speaking of being searchable, does a fantastic job of making sure that they share all of their stories on the web. They allow a platform for readers to Like and Share their stories on Facebook and Tweet their stories and story updates. This allows for the news it reports on to be constantly changing. Each different segment of has its own separate Twitter page. This is a smart move that concentrates similar news and events and doesn’t overload a reader with information they may not be looking for.

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