Just Audio

“Women” by Just Jolie

An collection of women’s response to one question “What comes to mind when you hear the word Woman?” Recorded and edited by Just Jolie

“Harry Potter Premier” by Just Jolie

Jolie visits the AMC Hoffman Theater 22 to see how Harry Potter fans react to the first installment of the last Harry Potter film. Recorded and edited by Just Jolie

“University of Maryland Gospel Choir” by Just Jolie

Jolie sits in on a practice session of UMD’s own Gospel Choir. Recorded and Edited by Just Jolie

“Halloween” by Just Jolie

Jolie asks how UMD students are celebrating the holiday of the night. Recorded and editec by Just Jolie

“Police Perspectives” by Just Jolie

Jolie questions student perspectives of the law enforcement. Recorded and Edited by Just Jolie

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