[VLOG] Hola, NOLA Day last :(

ESSENCE Fest has ended and so has my time in New Orleans.

I’m surprised by how sad I got on Tuesday morning when I woke up and had no work to do for ESSENCE.com. And I was even more surprised by how I almost cried when I turned in the key to boarding house I called home for nearly 10 days.

But I’m mostly thankful for everyone who helped me get to New Orleans in the first place by either donating to my GoFundMe, buying my plane ticket (yea that happened), updating my wardrobe (that happened too), or giving me great advice and necessary encouragement. I did a lot of work down in the bayou and I hope to keep working and making you all proud.

And also thanks to everyone in New Orleans who were so friendly and helpful. You all made me feel at home by taking me out, introducing me to new foods, helping get around, or giving me endless compliments on my nappy hair (seriously, EVERYONE tried to touch my hair!)

I did a lot but there’s still so much I didn’t get a chance to do. So I know I’ll be back. The question is, who’s coming with me?

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