[VLOG] Hola, NOLA! Day 1&1/2

I’m in New Orleans!

I wanted to be able to give you guys relatively real-time updates of my day to day happenings in the city so you all can rest assured that I’m safe and also having one of the best times of my life. So I decided to make mini documentaries by filming everything I do (and looking like a true tourist)

This first feature shows my journey and how I’m settling into my new digs in the Big Easy. I did a lot of exploring around my neighborhood and connected with a designer I’ve admired for a while now, Denisio Truitt (who coincidentally lives in my neighborhood). Through meeting her and her boyfriend, I’ve been able to learn more about where I am and experience some of the cooler parts of the city. Not only that, but her journey is really inspiring to someone like me who’s attempting to turn my passions into profit.

Highlight of the day(s): Hanging out with Denisio (and Mike lol)

Recommendations: Try the Kale Salad at Satsuma!

Don’t ever…: Leave the house without checking the humidity index!

Check out my first installment below and be on the lookout for more videos, pictures, and interviews (I’ll be posting my full interview with Denisio later)

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