“Who is Camille Michelle Gray?” Exclusive Interview

Camille Michelle Gray. “Street Cinema”, the EP

This is the age of the independent artist. In a world that rejects the individualism and the aspirations of young minds, rising up out of the dryness of the mainstream are some of the dopest, groundbreaking talents the world has yet to really see. Among the boldest and the bravest are the musicians. I’ve come to know one in particular named Camille Michelle Gray whose fearless and relentless pursuit of her goal to become a renown artist with integrity and pure talent has led me and her listeners on a journey of getting to know her and her world better through song. Here are a few things I’ve learned about the Camille Michelle Gray:


Camille Michelle Gray is a singer/songwriter.

On Thursday March 13, 2014, Camille released her premier EP, “Street Cinema”. I had the opportunity to sit down with her for an exclusive interview about the meaning and process behind each of the songs as well as her goals for her latest project and her future as an artist. Camille writes each song to in her own words based on some of her own experiences. But by boldly exposing herself, she releases listeners from their inhibitions and allows us to be honest about some the chapters in our own lives (I mean, just listen to “Become” or “Please Please”). Not only that, but her lyrics are a myriad of emotions from angst, to desire, to anger, to hopefulness all in under an hour. Brace yourself.

Camille Michelle Gray is a friend.

In the short time I’ve known Camille, I’ve learned that not everything is as it seems. We meet people and we immediately want to describe them, categorize them, figure out what their “deal” is. But Camille’s deal is to be an honest contradiction. In all of her shyness, boldness, patience, and stubbornness, Camille presents an honest portrait of who she is, what she values, and how people are layered and can never be too many things at once. I’m blessed to be in a position to know that some of the songs on the album are representations of just that kind of multifaceted personality. I have a feeling that listeners will get an inkling of her life through the emotions she exposes in every lyric and note she sings.

Camille Michelle Gray is an inspiration.

Some of the best motivation comes from surrounding myself with people on the move. Men and women young and old are trying get recognized and realize mainstream success. Meanwhile, we see people like Camille Michelle Gray creating her own buzz on her own terms and putting herself out there to be judged by the masses. To see her succeed is to see me and other young dreamers on our way. Not only that, but to see her triumphs, struggles, frustrations, flaws, and raw talent is to see a truly bright and honest star being born not too far over the horizon.

Full transcript of her interview here.

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