Spring Break 2012 Pt. 2

Greetings fellow Spring Break-ers!!

I’ve been having a wonderful break so far just hanging out around the house. So many amazing and beautiful things have been happening and I’m going to share them all with you!


So, I drove to Norfolk State University to visit my good friend Nick and we took a drive to the lovely Virginia Beach!!! Isn’t it beautiful?

Virginia Beach <3

Unfortunately, my camera died after these two pics! So, Nick purchased a handy dandy disposable camera (real old school style!) Check out my Just Pics tab at the end of the week to see all of the pics we took when they develop.

Old School Camera

So, although it is my Spring Break, I’m still working hard to make my mark on the journalism world. I got an email on Monday from the T-Howard Foundation, this really cool organization that helps diversify the media world. They help students (like me) find internships with big media companies and networks. So anyway, I finally got an email from them about an internship opportunity. Guess where it is? (drum roll please)

CNN in Atlanta, Georgia!

I’m so excited! Fingers crossed, I get the job! Wish me luck and look out for more great news about my Spring Break 2012!

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