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Greetings everyone! So, in keeping up with my month-long list of my Favorite Things, I decided to show you guys which recording artist I’m currently feeling rather heavily. Introducing (but not really) miss Elle Varner.

You might recognize her from my Favorite Ladies post last week but I have been almost obsessed with this up and coming singer since I first saw the music video for her first single: “Only Wanna Give It To You” featuring another rising star, J. Cole. She has such a creative style that I honestly envy and I just LOVEEE (3 “E’s”) her hair!

This video of her interview on BET’s 106 and Park solidified my admiration of her. She’s just so bubbly and humble plus her outfit is adorable. Her modesty is something I feel others in the music business truly lack. I strive to be as together as she is in my professional future. Youtube is full of short videos of this girl singing live and she truly has some powerful lungs! She wrote the songs on her first album, “Perfectly Imperfect” and she sings about so much more than money. cars, clothes and sex. My new themesong is “So Fly”, a sweet, silly song with a serious message for everyone about true beauty. So, watch out for Elle (did I mention that’s a beautiful name?). This talented beauty is about to do big things!

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