Site Analysis pt. 2

Graphics and Multimedia

CNN is a Turner Broadcast Company. Therefore, broadcasting is its strongpoint. It only makes sense that would incorporate the same practice in telling news. I feel that takes very good advantage of video and other aspects of multimedia story telling.

Usually, the very first and center story on the home page is a video story. usually accompanies a written version of a story with a video or a picture. There is even a separate tab at the top of the page (in it’s navigational section) that is dedicated entirely to videos and recordings. When a site visitor clicks the Video tab, they are directed to a segment of the site that has all of CNN’s top video stories playing on a continuous stream. This stream can be interrupted or altered by scrolling below the video and clicking for the next video.

Graphics are used sparingly on This may be for the best through, with so much news on the pages, graphics may get in the way. The News Pulse is constantly changing and updating as news develops or as stories become more popular. Other than that, the main graphics on any section of are the varying banner across the headline. CNN reserves most of its fly graphics (like its hologram projector) for its television broadcast.

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