Relibale Entertainment Blogs: a Reporter’s Best Friend

   When it comes to getting my entertainment news, I constantly visit The Marque Blog at This site seen below regularly updates its images and stories but what makes it unique is that it makes an effort to keep an objective viewpoint about whatever they are reporting making The Marque Blog a credible entertainment news site.

   The Marque Blog has potential to remain a successful site. The page is very simple to navigate through. Visitors can use tabs to along the bottom of the bog’s banner different sections of the site. Also, the blog lists sections using popular keywords like “Celebrities” “Music” “Movies” even “Award Season” making site navigation all the more easier.
   Speaking of using keywords, headlines of the articles on the blog use language that make their articles easily searchable. For example, the title of the blog on the home page is “David Letterman ‘Apologizes’ to Lindsay Lohan”. Using the full names of celebrities will make this particular article pop up faster when a user searches for either of the stars featured in this article. Seen below, The Marque Blog’s article about Letterman and Lohan is the second result to appear from a Goggle Search. As such, the article and the site will be more likely to be visited. The more a site is visited, the more likely the sites longevity.

To further ensure the sites longevity, The Marque Blog makes use of graphics to express a story. Seen in the backdrop of every section of the blog is the blog’s banner and an image of frantic paparazzi. This may not serve any journalistic purpose but it makes the site more fun to look at, and perhaps even easier to remember. Also seen accompanying nearly every article is an image or a video to help add wanted and needed detail to every post. 
There are several factors to creating a successful webpage and The Marque Blog at is a great page to model after. It is easy to navigate through, it uses buzz words to make it easily searchable, and it has fun graphics to make your page browsing more enjoyable. I think it is a safe bet that The Marque Blog will be a reliable place for entertainment news for the foreseeable future.

11 thoughts on “Relibale Entertainment Blogs: a Reporter’s Best Friend

  1. The Marque blog is good entertainment news site, they were regularly updates their images and reports with popular keywords like Movies, awards.


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